Wednesday, 17 December 2014

WIP Reaper Bones proxy Space Hulk marines counts-as

Made some progress on these, so posting them, mainly to give myself a kick to get them finished. Each model represents one of the Terminators from the Space Hulk box.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Reaper Bones proxy Space Hulk marines counts-as

After a couple of games of Space Hulk, we felt that it was a bit strange that the hulking Space Marine Terminators dropped so easily. So I had a rummage through the Reaper Bones Kickstarter box and started bashing together a motley crew of intrepid and opportunistic Space-Hulk-Spelunkers (or "Spunkers").

Detector-doodad dude.

Standard mook with door cutter.


Hammer and shield sergeant who always dies horribly. This model kind of reminds me of a Sister of Battle, so I might go that route with the paintjob.

Redshirts. The black patterned bases are from a hardware store, they are actually rubber pads for putting on the bottoms of table legs.

Redshirt pointing at something.

Bangy bangy cannon man.

I ran out of models / couldn't come up with a dual-wielder that I liked, so I upgraded this one's chainsaw. I might replace her if I find a more suitable model, because she doesn't look like she'd do much good against a Genestealer.

Spooky wizardy bloke.

Still playing with bits on the other sergeant. In other games he might be an Inquisitor / Rogue Trader.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Reaper Bones Stone Golem, Spider Swarms

More paint!

Slimy, turd-like blobs are meant to be spider swarms. I've left off using the gloss varnish because of the sheen, but I gave these a coat because I was worried about them getting handled a lot more. They'll eventually get a spray of matte when I get around to buying some.

Next was a very quick Stone Golem paint job. Simply black and white paint in different mixtures.

Finally here's a counts-as Abaddon WIP so far built using the Terminator Lord and Dark Vengeance Helbrute. I still need to find a suitable sword / weapon for the Daemon Blade.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mantic and Reaper Bones Skeletons, and Space Hulk

Painted up some more Reaper Bones miniatures and some Mantic Skeletons. The Reaper Bones ones were a bit of a pain to base because of the 'broccoli' base they come with (I don't know why they're called broccoli bases, they taste nothing like it).

I have some Mantic Skeletons after mistakenly stealing a sprue of them from a Mantic stall a few years ago. They're nice to paint, and much cheaper than the GW equivalent. If I were a Fantasy player I'd run a horde of these things along with their zombies.

I also got a game called 'Space Hulk' and am trying to convince the GF to play it.

Later, I took the rulebook to the beach just to take this next silly picture:

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Reaper bones Rauthuros daemon and fountain

Painted up a couple more Reaper Bones miniatures. First is Rauthuros, a quick paint job (all the arms and weapons getting in the way everywhere put me off going back and doing any more highlights). The model received a base befitting a 40k Daemon Prince. It needed some cleaning of mold lines with a sharp knife and several gaps filling with epoxy clay.

Cocktail sticks for base spikes.

Also had a go at a piece of terrain; a fountain.

I went for water-corroded / verdigris tones, and used a thin sliver of plastic packaging and plenty of paint-on gloss varnish for the water. This piece could be used in a number of ways in an RPG or skirmish game.

'Atomicron' toys as 15mm scale miniatures?

Picked up one of these packets of tiny little 'Atomicron' foil bagged collectible toys you see in toy shops and supermarkets.

You get three models for about 3.50, so they're not particularly cheap. Inside the pack were two little frog-alien things, one with a rocket launcher, and one with a pair of pistols. There's also a little tank that can be manned thanks to a pin that fits into a hole under the miniature's feet. They are not as firm as GW plastic, they're closer in consistency to Reaper bones. I'll post what they look like after some paint.

My first thought when I saw them was for possible use in 15mm scale wargaming, or in 28mm as small, annoying xenos races. The scale is pretty good, though the style is quite different. I can imagine these sorts of toys turning up in a bargain bin or cheap ebay lot eventually, at which point they might be a fun project for a 15mm wargamer looking for more xenos.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Reaper Bones miniature painting

I finally collected my Reaper Bones Kickstarter that arrived about a year ago, and quickly got to work painting some of them. I'm enjoying the change from sci-fi to fantasy, and painting individuals one at a time again.

The Bones kickstarter are old news now, but I'm generally very happy with them. They have some problems (mould lines are quite annoying to trim due to the springy material), but in they're fantastic value.

Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf Thief

Kael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard

Clay Golem

Beholder / Eye Beast