Saturday, 6 September 2014

'Atomicron' toys as 15mm scale miniatures?

Picked up one of these packets of tiny little 'Atomicron' foil bagged collectible toys you see in toy shops and supermarkets.

You get three models for about 3.50, so they're not particularly cheap. Inside the pack were two little frog-alien things, one with a rocket launcher, and one with a pair of pistols. There's also a little tank that can be manned thanks to a pin that fits into a hole under the miniature's feet. They are not as firm as GW plastic, they're closer in consistency to Reaper bones. I'll post what they look like after some paint.

My first thought when I saw them was for possible use in 15mm scale wargaming, or in 28mm as small, annoying xenos races. The scale is pretty good, though the style is quite different. I can imagine these sorts of toys turning up in a bargain bin or cheap ebay lot eventually, at which point they might be a fun project for a 15mm wargamer looking for more xenos.

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