Saturday, 6 September 2014

Reaper bones Rauthuros daemon and fountain

Painted up a couple more Reaper Bones miniatures. First is Rauthuros, a quick paint job (all the arms and weapons getting in the way everywhere put me off going back and doing any more highlights). The model received a base befitting a 40k Daemon Prince. It needed some cleaning of mold lines with a sharp knife and several gaps filling with epoxy clay.

Cocktail sticks for base spikes.

Also had a go at a piece of terrain; a fountain.

I went for water-corroded / verdigris tones, and used a thin sliver of plastic packaging and plenty of paint-on gloss varnish for the water. This piece could be used in a number of ways in an RPG or skirmish game.

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Ninja-for-Hire said...

Very nice mate! Those reaper bones models are very good aren't they! Great painting as always, and the water effect coming out of that fountain looks spot on. Superb work. :)