Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mantic and Reaper Bones Skeletons, and Space Hulk

Painted up some more Reaper Bones miniatures and some Mantic Skeletons. The Reaper Bones ones were a bit of a pain to base because of the 'broccoli' base they come with (I don't know why they're called broccoli bases, they taste nothing like it).

I have some Mantic Skeletons after mistakenly stealing a sprue of them from a Mantic stall a few years ago. They're nice to paint, and much cheaper than the GW equivalent. If I were a Fantasy player I'd run a horde of these things along with their zombies.

I also got a game called 'Space Hulk' and am trying to convince the GF to play it.

Later, I took the rulebook to the beach just to take this next silly picture:


Ninja-for-Hire said...

The skeletons look great, nice work on the shields. The two types work well together, I don't know which ones are which!

And forget about convincing the GF to play Space Hulk, it's never going to happen man!

Montyhaul said...

She's begrudgingly played a couple of games, but I really ought to let her win every time if I want to see any more.