Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tanks in progress

I found painting vehicles very difficult to start with. I kept trying to paint them with the same techniques as a regular infantry miniature. After looking through the forge world imperial armoury book I started to experiment with a few weathering techniques.

The second Iron Grumbler looks very similar at a glance, but has a few different patches and gubbins.

Most of the extra plates came with the kit, but the side hatches and grenade launchers are from the old rhino kit. The exhausts on the roof represent the combi-bolters, and the hatches in the middle of the roof represent the fire points. There is no rear exit represented.

Since I bought the kit I have checked back on Ramshackle's site, and seen the cost of the kit increased to about £20. NOT WORTH IT UNLESS YOU'RE A MASOCHIST.

The Predator is still a work in progress, but probably won't get any new work until I can get the rest of the force up to tabletop standard.