Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bits and pieces

I've been out in the sunshine taking lots of photographs, hence three updates in one day.Some are models I've posted before, but with the pictures taken properly.

Old style terminator from years ago. Fun fact; no official marine chapters have an orange paint scheme. I to call him the tangemarine.

Experimenting with foil as a backdrop instead of paper.

Assault on Black Reach Space Marine captain, with power sword. Last picture was terribad, so redid it. 

Still playing with Oyumaru to cast bits and bobs. I'm in need of more old fashioned backpacks for my chaos marine kitbashing;

Dr Who (Hugh McCrimmon Heresy miniature) with Daleks

Finished this chap for a game of Supersystem we will be starting soon. I enjoyed painting an apparently mundane miniature for a change. The Heresy miniatures are very detailed and I'm looking forward to doing some more.

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle miniatures (tmnt)

Not really a post about painting, but these teenage mutant hero turtle miniatures are great for our games of Heroscape. I bought them as key rings and based them. They are a little large - the bases are the 40mm bases (Terminator bases), but we just think of them as looking like they did in the movies!

Turtley awesome! 

Give 'em shell!

Time to apply some turtle whacks!

Chaos marine / oop plastic warhammer Chaos warrior kitbash

I've been thinking about combining these two kits for years, and when I received a pack of the old out of production 'hunchbacked' warhammer fantasy chaos warriors I decided to give it a go.
From the WIPs you will see that the legs were bulked out with milliput. Regular Chaos marine legs looked spindly, despite the fact that the CSM torsos are actually a little larger than the chaos warrior's. 

 I also broadened the shoulders by inserting two circles of thin plasticard where the arms meet the body. I made these with a regular hole puncher. Also, the chaos warrior shoulder pads had a large lip that had to be carved off so that the backpack would fit. Even with this taken off, it was a tight squeeze as you can see below;

I then added borders to the legs and shoulders with thin strips of plasticard. This is my first time using milliput and plasticard, and it was a challenge to get it to do what I wanted.

I was trying for something along the lines of a marine in Pre-Heresy Mk 1 Thunder Armour; archaic. I gave him a nondescript paint scheme and, of course, removed all aquilas, skulls and chaos symbols as they would be inaccurate. Then again, I might stick some on any way.