Saturday, 31 July 2010

Ork Warboss for sale on ebay

Ork Warboss for sale on ebay;

On ebay now; Valten, Exhalted of Sigmar on Foot

For sale on ebay, limited edition miniature of Valten, Exhalted of Sigmar, on foot.

A note about the paintjob; it is incomplete, but the layers of paint are thinly applied - there is no loss of detailing . I simply didn't have the time to finish what I intended to be a very conscientious job.

The warhammer is held on with blue tak for display purposes.

Empire battle wizard plus warhammer bits for sale on ebay

For sale on ebay:

I assembled one wizard from the kit, and am selling everything I didn't use from the boxed set.

I am also throwing in several other warhammer bits;

Large skull from ogre bulls boxed set
Brettonian men at arms armoured head
3 x metal shields from confrontation game
Gnoblar, pointing, with 2 head options
Dog, from brettonian men at arms boxed set
Horned skull, from glade guard boxed set
Tobacco pipe from old dwarf kit

40k bits for sale on ebay

40k bits for sale on ebay, here's the link;

Click the image for a much bigger version, so you can see the items more easily.

There is a complete space marine commander, a complete space marine, several ork chainsaw weapon arms, a left handed flamer from a necromunda redemptionist special character, plus redemptionist banner, and some other bits.

Wood Elf glade guard bits for sale on ebay

Click for a much larger image, so you can see the bits more clearly.

For sale on ebay:

Celestine the Living Saint Sisters of Battle

For sale on ebay.

The miniature has received undercoating and removal of mould lines.

Space Crusade miniatures for sale on ebay

As part of a big clear out, Space Crusade miniatures are up on ebay.

Click the pictures for much larger versions of the pictures.

Mordheim and Heroquest terrain for sale on ebay

Having a clear out; tabletop terrain now on ebay, along with several miniature lots.

Click the images for large versions of the pictures.