Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ramshackle tanks / counts as Rhinos, and a Predator

I've been trying to chip away at these tank models when I get a chance.

Despite their plain appearance, these tanks (the 'Iron Grumbler' from Ramshackle miniatures), have had HOURS of work put into them already, and are nowhere near finished.

Tanks assembled with no gubbins
Tank assembled with Ramshackle / old GW gubbins

The material is a pain to work with; a dangerous combination of heavy and fragile and the pieces don't fit together properly. Cue hours of chipping away at resin and farting around with milliput to fill the gaps.

After trying to figure out a way to represent a combi-bolter I opted for just sticking the kit's exhausts onto the roof, facing forward.

Old rhino bits

With the addition of a few bits and pieces the tanks are starting to look more the part. I have kept one 'naked' tank aside for a future project (possibly a vindicator).

The next time I picked up the model the bleedin' 'guns' had snapped off at the ends. I suspected this might happen the moment I stuck them on. Now they're supported with cut out squares from the sticky end of a post-it note pack (easy to adjust).

So, bricks. I added some sand to the bases, loading up lots of sand and pva glue over the worst of the model's faults.

A delightful chap at the club gave me an unwanted chaos predator too, so it was de-iconed and received the same treatment.

I began with Fortress Grey and Chestnut ink in the recesses. Except for a hastily painted Ork truck many years ago, I've never painted vehicles, and now I'm a bit unsure of where to go next.

The club have some excellent urban boards, and am leaning toward these vehicles being repurposed military or policing personnel carriers of some kind. Jury rigged, poorly maintained, noisy, ugly, smelly.


I'm going to start looking for tutorials for painting weathered vehicles.