Monday, 1 April 2013

WIP Chaos Bikers and Eggs

For the bikers I've abandoned attempts at making the marines look unaligned. Unlike the conversions I made out of the oop Chaos Warriors here, I found that simply removing iconography wasn't enough to make them look 'different' to loyalists. What's more, I've recived some generous donations of bits from legopirate at Dreamdealers, and thought it was about time I started putting them to use. So the bikers will be Chaos... TO THE MAX.

The lord's arms are magnetized, as are most of the biker's, as I really don't know what loadouts will be effective yet.

The robed Dark angel biker from the Dark Vengeance set looks enough like a sorceror. I've added a few more bits since taking the picture. 

Happy Easter!