Sunday, 23 March 2014

Multicoloured Chaos Marines

"Well mine's THIS big"

Since moving to Spain progress in painting has dropped to a snail's pace. Painting every model in the army differently is  interesting, but progress is f&^cking slow.

Yeah I know you've seen these before. Stop whining. There's new stuff further down.
The ongoing theme is changing; lack of bits and a desire to model has meant the marines are looking less and less 'renegade but not corrupted' and more and more 'chaotic', with iconography and skulls popping up much more often.

Go Go Chaos Rangers

Posted again only because I took better pictures.



Unaligned! Gooo Chaos!

This motley crew of starter set marines like to show off how edgy they are, flaunting their defiled loyalist shoulder pads while recreating the front cover of Abbey Road.

They were all walking the other way on Abbey Road, you philistine.

Ass shot

All the bases are crap, I know

This little fella was fun to paint. Sadly, like all good older models, he's short.

Continuing the Red Corsairs shoulder pad cross when I feel like it. Not really sure whether they even are Corsairs yet though, I haven't come up with any fluff.

All of the following models are waiting for autocannons and various other special weapons to be delivered and fitted. I plan on fielding these as a unit of havocs, or to just have them accompany other units.

A Khornate shooting a f^&king gun for once

And, a WIP of a Space Marine scout / counts as hive ganger pirate type. Still needs some highlighting, and as usual the base is crap.

He reminds me of something out of 2000AD

As usual, comments and criticism are unwelcome.

I used to imagine all of these miniatures being on the same side on the tabletop, and enjoyed the riot of colour. Does this give me grognard-veteran40ker-kudos?

To be honest, this next picture is probably just as much if not more to blame for the Attention-Deficit-Disorder paint scheme.

Ha Ha! Look at the stupid proportions! And riding into battle with a sword when their are GUNS available?
Yup, this is well 40k.  Fuck, I want a robot horse.

The illegal chinese recaster says the stuff will take about 2 weeks to arrive. I'll post what they look like when they arrive. Hopefully the resin won't cause me to explode into cancerous lesions.