Sunday, 25 January 2015

Converted and painted mantic and reaper skeletons and zombies

I quickly painted up plenty of the low-level undead I had floating around my reaper box, and bits box. Like the zombies, I'm trying to get a bank of commonly fought, low level enemies. Sure, painting a great big demon is fun, but I've never even played in a game that got high enough level to need the miniature.

The undead are stationed at Disneyland

Zombie magic user and zombie dance troupe

Spell slinger with skellingtons

Bits: CSM nurgle banner, mantic elves

A lot of the skeletons are just mantic elves with head swaps for small skulls.

Flame is a fiddly bit from the end of a chainsword.

The grass tufts are by army painter.

Trying to vary the reaper bones duplicated with hot water and paint jobs.

Quick and dirty paintjobs for a slow and dirty monsters. It was kind of fun, but I might make them less sloppy at some point. But probably not soon.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Reaper Bones Goblins

Latest dent in the Reaper Bones kickstarter backlog. Trying to get some low level stuff together, as it's used more often than the high level stuff.