Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Heresy Minotaur "Manbane", CSM Terminator Lord with lightning claws

On Saturday I went to Hammerhead in Nottinghamshire for the first time and spent a lot of money on little plastic and metal men. Yesterday I spent most of the day painting this miniature from Heresy, for use in our Heroscape games. I might fiddle with the rust and his nose a bit more, but he is mostly finished. I want to get on to painting Heresy Dr Who miniatures next to go with the Daleks.

The tiles were made from plasticard.

I also gave this fella a lick of paint. As he was a bad cast, I went with the idea that it was the corroded suit of a Nurgle follower. I tried a bronze verdigris colour scheme, it was an experiment more than anything.