Sunday, 8 January 2012

Daleks, Greenskins and bits and bobs

Several things that have been in need of finishing off for a long time now.

Some Daleks from the DR Who magazine.

They are dirt cheap, probably about 12p each. They do require some cleanup as they aren't as finely made as regular miniatures, but they do scale up nicely with 28mm minis and I am very happy with them.

Some Gretchen, from Games Workshop. I bought these because I wanted to try casting more small, single piece models with the Oyumaru. 

While the results from attempting to cast were naff (my fault, didn't do it properly), but good enough to get an extra model and an interesting trampled figure on one of the bases;

At Christmas I received a pack of the OOP plastic Chaos Warriors, so the resin cast with the warped face got a new head.

I had a go at giving a space marine a less rounded look. I was trying to make something in power armour, but wasn't a space marine. Like a renegade, or a mercenary or something.

Finally, I finished off the Space Marine Captain I had left over from the last Black Reach set. His face looks darker than it should because there's a big annoying shadow across his face.