Monday, 30 July 2012

Chaos Cultist / Rogue Trader mercenaries kitbash unit

 In anticipation of the new Chaos Cultists due to be released with the 6th edition starter set, I have been scratch building some pirate types to accompany the Space Marines.

I don’t have a clear vision for fluffing the force, so I’m concentrating on making the models as versatile as possible. So these ‘cultists’ don’t have imperial markings, but also aren’t slavering chaos-star waving fanatics either. I imagine them to be ganger scum, or opportunists under the employ of a rogue trader. They could fit a number of roles because of the deliberate lack of markings.

They are a combination of Warhammer fantasy empire militia, catachans, and some mantic orc bits and fantasy chaos warriors. There’s also a couple of Toy Story soldier heads.

I have concentrated on trying to build them with believable poses, making sure the face and the leading foot are pointing in the same direction. In the past I’ve been quite slapdash when putting models together, and ended up looking like mental disco dancers.

I've had to have a bit of a guess at their equipment. I don't think lasguns counting as autoguns is much of a stretch, and those wielding hand weapons and pistols will probably join the rest of the lasgunners, as I've heard assault is quite weak in 6th ed (not that I've played enough 40k to make any real judgment).

I've also put together a heavy bolter for the marines squad, which I will increase to 10 models so as to warrant a rhino.

Ramshackle's 'Iron Grumbler' is of comparable size to Games Workshop's rhino, so I have ordered 3. They take a little while to process orders as everything is done by one man, but I am looking forward to getting my hands on them as I think they'd suit the slightly weird looking marines.