Sunday, 10 February 2013

Making chocolate chaos warrior with Oyumaru

Pretty slapdash attempts, but you get the idea. Oyumaru is non toxic, so could be used to create interesting cake display items. I used

Popping the warrior out of the oyumaru mould. I've not been very careful today, if I was taking it seriously I'd have been much more delicate about the whole thing. Note; chocolate won't be able to take much handling without damage to the detail, so you absolutely must hold the chocolate with tweezers when trimming off excess.


A lego minifig.

Uh, Toad... What is that Chaos Warrior doing?

The Gangnam style dance? Limbo dancing?

As you can see, this brand of chocolate won't stay standing for long in a warm environment. That's not to say a more robust brand of chocolate wouldn't fare better. Perhaps one day I'll experiment.