Sunday, 19 October 2014

Reaper Bones proxy Space Hulk marines counts-as

After a couple of games of Space Hulk, we felt that it was a bit strange that the hulking Space Marine Terminators dropped so easily. So I had a rummage through the Reaper Bones Kickstarter box and started bashing together a motley crew of intrepid and opportunistic Space-Hulk-Spelunkers (or "Spunkers").

Detector-doodad dude.

Standard mook with door cutter.


Hammer and shield sergeant who always dies horribly. This model kind of reminds me of a Sister of Battle, so I might go that route with the paintjob.

Redshirts. The black patterned bases are from a hardware store, they are actually rubber pads for putting on the bottoms of table legs.

Redshirt pointing at something.

Bangy bangy cannon man.

I ran out of models / couldn't come up with a dual-wielder that I liked, so I upgraded this one's chainsaw. I might replace her if I find a more suitable model, because she doesn't look like she'd do much good against a Genestealer.

Spooky wizardy bloke.

Still playing with bits on the other sergeant. In other games he might be an Inquisitor / Rogue Trader.

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