Sunday, 15 June 2014

Renegade Havocs with FW weapons

Thank Glob they're finished. I'm tired of them and haven't put in the best effort. There are still a few more to do, but I've had it with power armour for a while now.

I put a couple together with special weapons that I don't have miniatures to represent. I'm aware that meltaguns aren't considered an optimal choice, but then neither are standard troop Chaos Marines, and I've made a ton of those.

The Havocs with Autocannons probably will see use... one day.

Looted armour components
He's not an iron warrior

Shortened chainsword

More looted armour

These miniguns were an absolute bastard to attach to an already-painted model

I noticed that when I was playing 40k, there were weapons and equipment options that I never modelled because they weren't effective choices in the game. This is a bit sad, so I'm going to start putting together mostly just what I like the look of now, while trying to keep it largely legal (I've so far resisted the temptation to do Heavy Plasma and Heavy Melta Havocs).

Lascannon from FW Heavy Weapon set


FW Missile Launcher. Might do another one of these.

A bit annoyingly, the Forgeworld marines look huge compared to the current CSM squatting runts. I simply can't bring myself to go back and build up the bases to lessen the disparity, so I'll just headcanon it as 'variance'.

I'm currently scouring the internet for more forum-based competitions because I really enjoyed painting something for that reason.

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sonsoftaurus said...

Very nice and characterful. I really like the hodge-podge mismatched armor.