Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ork Stainless Steel Painboy (counts as Necromunda Pit Slave)

After an internet search, turns out this miniature is a 'Stainless Steel Painboy'. I'm unsure of the edition, but it seems quite old. His right arm is a combination of Mk3 Power armour, a plastic Chaos marine boltpistol and some cables, cardboard, and a bit of round base.

It's not really come out in the photograph, but his eyes and the slime on the base are varnished with gloss varnish.

The hand-pistol was fun to discover.

I've been reading Oldhammer blogs and I like the way the shields often had these crazy faces on them, so I had a go at one.

Lots of tools on his tool belt, but no hands to reach any of them.

Smiley face :D

His brain is safely locked up in case someone tries to pinch it.

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the one said...

I'm not a fan of the mini, but I really like your paintjob!

Well done :)

Montyhaul said...