Friday, 29 March 2013

Kitbashed Necromunda Gang equipment upgrade

My Necromunda gang, the Berks, benefitted from the 'Underdog' rules from the last scenario, earning enough experience to bring their Gang Rating closer to the other players' at Dreamdealers. The ganger's increases overall are taking them toward a more hand-to-hand style of play. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

After the game I had the gang blow their entire stash on chainswords.

Leader Dhecker's sword has been upgraded to a chainsword, Heinz has a chainsword hanging from his backpack after an enemy Juve got a bit up close and personal last game.  All the lasguns now have red lenses at the end of their barrels, and Purple Head's weapon now has an angry purple end.

Duke and Smiler (Left) don't have chainswords as they already have Strength 4. By giving them bludgeons (+1 STR), they instead injure at S5. The two Juves on the right have now been promoted to New Gangers, so they can work territories. They were presented with chainswords on graduation.

The ganger on the left, Sot, had a mantic orc sword before, but I've changed it to a chainsword to fit the theme. Blood spatters are from a nice shiny gloss paint.

Toffy and Squints get chainswords and Toffy's guns have had some gold trim added because it fits with him looking like something of a fop.

Bring on a zombie scenario.

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