Sunday, 24 March 2013

5 way Necromunda Gang fight

At Dreamdealer's, TJ wrote a scenario for us to play yesterday, resulting in a massive 5-way gang fight.

The Word On The Street:

During you most recent visit to one of your local watering holes, "the lusty ratskin", a drunk old regular shares some interesting information. Rumor has it that an old great former gang leader, hid a secret stash of equipment within your territory. This old hermit just happened to know this location. You used your preffered methods to extract the information you require. Now the race is on to find this secret stash and the treasure it may (or may not) contain.

It was great fun, but in retrospect 3 gangs vs 2 makes for a pretty one-sided game. Still, looking forward to the next one.

Greensleeves and Goggles, with Smiler the Heavy, surface from the vents that riddle the underhive. The temptation of the nearby stash is resisted as Tannen's Mad Dogs cover the street. 

The Wilting Violets and the Reapers close ground.

Unsafe streets.

The Ceramite Ghosts and the Berks exchange volleys of autogun and lasgun fire from behind burnt-out wreckages.

The Delaque Heavy's Heavy Stubber jams as his bullet feed gets tangled up with his packed lunch.

Snipers support from high ground.

Dan's buildings have removable rooves, allowing us to see the melee inside the building.

Hitting on a 7? No problem.

This Juve hasn't yet earned the right to wear red overcoat trim.

The Berks raid a stash to find a meltabomb and a suit of mesh armour.

The Wilting Violets take a detour through the Administratum Office to update their status on FaithBook.

Orlock Heavy Stubber giving the Berk's leader a headache.

TJ's insane Juve of the Ceramite Ghosts takes on 5 gangers from the Berks, and gives them flesh wounds for their trouble!

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Ninja-for-Hire said...

Nice report! An interesting game certainly, might not have been quite so bad for me and TJ had my gang not packed their LARPing and paintballing gear instead of their real weapons...