Sunday, 30 October 2011

Casting miniatures using oyumaru mould and milliput

Still playing with the Oyumaru when I get the chance. Using the resin takes up a lot of room and can be smelly and messy, so I have been using milliput. Milliput is a 2 part epoxy putty, like games workshop’s green stuff, but cheaper. It is much easier to control than resin so I didn’t use the lego press mould  I use for resin casts. I just used my hands. However, if I was to do it again, I would use the lego mould – because there were a LOT of faults.

Results so far:

Gretchin and some Necromunda weapon casts

Chaos lord components cast individually before assembly

Unlike the strong resin, Milliput is too brittle for models with fine parts. Some of the big guy’s claws and spiky bits have already shattered. Similarly, the three gretchin have eroded significantly just from handling; their pointy noses aren’t strong enough. SO... I won’t rely on milliput for sharp bits in future. I might still use it to cast a full miniature though, as long as it’s a solid piece, or a part that isn’t an extremity ( torsos and legs should be fine). 

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Brummie said...

Have you tried using the finer milliput?