Thursday, 24 July 2008

Mordheim: Another Possessed Warband

Another Mordheim gang from a couple of years ago. Just like the last Undead warband, they're on those godawful green-flocked bases.

These lot were mostly Redemptionists from the Necromunda game. In future I'm going to avoid converting metal miniatures if it can be helped - unless you pin them they are prone to breaking. The minis really need to be sturdy in Mordheim, as they get a lot of individual handling rather than hitching a ride on a movement tray.

I will NEVER buy another one of those Possessed miniatures (the big green guy at the back, and the pink tentacled chap in the last Possessed warband). Those models are so damn ugly! And not in a cool way.

Plus, the opportunity to create something unique is a crying shame to pass up.

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