Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mordheim: Cult of the Possessed

I love Mordheim because I am a cheap bastard.

In Mordheim each player takes control of a gang of a just a dozen or so miniatures. This means is that unlike the big sellers Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, where you're looking at spending at least a hundred pounds plus for a good game, for Mordheim you're looking at £20 - £30.. or even less if you're crafty.

The dozen miniatures for your gang can be easily chopped up from standard regiment boxed sets; Dwarf Treasure Hunters, Beastmen and Skaven warbands can be built with one of the army's regiments of plastics. The Empire Militia regiment *are* the same miniatures as the Mordheim mercenary warband.

With it's focus on individually characterful miniatures, the game is ideal for those who enjoy converting. It gives you the opportunity to rake through your bits box and use all those little bits you've been saving for a rainy day, or too much of a pikey to chuck out (no matter how old and awful a mini is, someone somewhere will still like it. People are still buying Heroquest Orcs on Ebay today). Those naff old Brettonian Archers that came free with the Games Workshop paint set? Head swaps and a couple of stuck-on pouches and you have some henchmen for your Reiklanders.

While I'm waiting for Skull Pass to arrive I've been rummaging through my bits box to see what I have left. A few Brettonian bodies. Two Dwarfs. An old Chaos Sorceror and a Possessed model that was thrown in for free when Games Workshop Mail Order was cool. Nothing that could be of use to a Warhammer player, but what about Mordheim?

The prospect of getting rid of the hated Possessed model galvanised me. There were plenty of spare heads from the last Chaos Warriors. 'Excellent' I thought, because;

*Helmets that cover the face are quickly recognisable as 'eeevil'.
*I didn't have to paint eyes.

The group consisted of a Magister, a Possessed, and two groups of Brethren. However, I did'nt have any Darksouls (mortals driven insane after demonic possession). Then I thought about the Dwarf minis:

The great big Chaos Warrior helmets from the less recent 'Hunchback' Chaos Warriors was in proportion. To keep things fair I had the Darksouls / Possessed dwarfs standing on stuff so that the miniatures would be the same height as the miniatures they were proxying.

Possessed Dwarfs. Not to be confused with Chaos Dwarfs...

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